logo-bueno-anim-estaticoCongreso Internacional "Pueblos indígenas de América Latina, siglos XIX-XXI"


First Meeting of the International Congress on "The Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, 19th-21st Centuries. Advances, Perspectives, and Challenges," to be held from 28-31 October 2013 at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, Oaxaca City, Mexico.

This meeting aims to strengthen cooperation and to further practical and intellectual exchange between academics and professionals from Latin America, the U.S. and Europe who study and work with Latin American indigenous peoples from the perspective of history, ethnohistory, anthropology, or other related sciences, and also from the perspective of designing and implementing policies for social development or the preservation of indigenous peoples' cultural heritage. The congress seeks to share and disseminate the latest research findings, to advance established and new lines of thematic enquiry, and to explore the various epistemological and methodological frameworks that have been adopted in scholarly and empirical work on different aspects of the indigenous question at different times throughout history.

The themes around which symposia will be organized are as follows:

- Social Movements and resistance
- Education
- Postcolonial Studies
- Agrarian Studies
- Territorialities
- Identities
- Indigenismo
- Multiculturalism
- Interculturalism
- Meanings of citizenship
- Natural resources
- Migration
- Gender

The Congress's first call will be the Call for Symposium Proposals, which will contain all the relevant deadlines, information, and forms for proposing a symposium theme.

The Congress's second call will be the Call for Individual Papers, with papers to be submitted for inclusion in the thematic symposia approved by the Organizing Committee.

The calls for both symposium proposals and individual papers will be made publicly and via the electronic media of the participating institutions, as well as through the Congress website.


For further information, please email the following address:

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